Getting wet in public

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  • 17 Feb 2018, 01:55
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But really its nothing a bit of toilet paper and a bit of cold water can't fix. 'Kissed in Greeting' my Handsome Macho Cousin at our Family dinner, soiled my Grey spandex Bike shorts down to my right knee in front of ept over with four girls in a tent had to go inside to Restroom and decided to Smack a monkey. Sometimes my mind will just wander and I'll be thinking about something that turns me on - but it's never really happened from like watching a sex scene in a film or anything.

It's mostly because I fantasize all the time. Facebook, twitter for me once I got a little wet in class (we were watchin a movie that had a sex scene in it so much precum almost leaked a spot out of my shorts. 0 00 00 i get horny ALL the time.

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