Alt ass whip

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  • 25 Mar 2018, 11:36
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To strike with a whip, flogger, or similar object. Commentary: I receive a great deal of email from these pages; much of it along the lines of "I didn't realize other people had the same fantasies and ideas that I do!" The nice thing about living in a world of six billion people. Sybian: One popular variety of commercially-available fucking machine consisting of a dildo affixed to a dome-shaped saddle which the user sits.

Blood play; also, blood sports: Any activity involving drawing blood. Boot BOY: Colloquial A male submissive, usually but not always a gay male, who engages in acivities such as boot worship or bootblacking. Commentary: Many forms of electrical play are not safe to use above the waist, as even small amounts of electrical current across the chest may induce heart arrythmia or heart attack.

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